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I have paid for a lot of 'expert' advice before, only to be slammed with marketing schemes or obvious newbie advice. I was getting tired of wasting money on faulty products from get-rich-quick authors and 'entrepreneurs.' Chris [at tb] is the real deal, and he is genuine. He took the time to look at each of my books and ideas and helped coach me through my biggest issues. He didn’t throw generic advice at me. He gave me the exact advice I needed. It was such a great experience!

Ashley Eneriz

author of Blondie McGhee

I'd like to say heartfelt thanks to Chris Osman from Thought Bubble Publishing for his positive feedback, solid suggestions and providing me firm but doable deadlines to make sure that my project came to a conclusion.  If anyone needs a Writing Coach to cut through the clutter and kick them in the butt, Chris is the guy to do it.  If it’s anything like our working relationship, he’ll be strict but you will both end up laughing on every Skype call.

Jason Tremere

author of Fly Free Fast

Working with Thought Bubble, I was able to fully develop the concept for my book by working one-on-one with a coach who walked me through the process of creating a detailed outline. Through their guidance, my book has grown leaps and bounds from what I had originally imagined.

Aleesha Nash

author of  Chasing Curiosity